In the name of the One, the light of the Earth and Heavens

Pars Shoa Toos Co. is one of the most reputable manufacturers of light bulbs, LED and energy saving lamps. Exploiting state-of-the-art technical knowledge, advanced machinery and lab equipment along with quality control, PST has managed to present and export high quality and environmentally friendly products vis-à-vis experts and interaction with internationally recognized corporations. 

The major goal of this company is to preserve customers’ rights, save energy and adhere to the principle of employment maintenance and national production. Additionally, PST has successfully met the aim of developing employment and fulfilling light-related requirements of Iran through the production of energy saving lights, LED lights, high efficiency electronic ballast, miniature automatic and life-saving switches. 

This unit has created an appropriate context in the field of light, electric and electronic industry through the application of the expert knowledge. Recruiting more than 400 people, PST offers high quality products along with guarantee services to maximize customer and distributor satisfaction.