Pars Shoa industrial group

Pars Shoa industrial group has been a leading manufacturer of lighting and electric products for about 20 years in Iran. Having established two companies, Pars Shoa Toos and Pars Shoa Taba (Vala-Noor), owning more than 42000 square meters of production hall, warehouse, R&D unit, quality control, laboratory and office buildings, the firm produces a wide range of LED lighting products, MCB , RCCB and electrical PVC tape.

Human resources

The human resources of Pars Shoa Group consists of 750 employees, including experienced workers and technicians, engineers and specialized experts, is the most important asset of this group.

Quality Control

The quality control (QC) unit and laboratory is proud to have made achievements, such as acting as a partner laboratory of best quality unit of the National Standard Organization, obtaining the title of Best Quality Unit several times and also receiving the certificate of NACI with the establishment of quality management system ISO/IEC 17025-2017.

Research and development

The R&D unit plays a pivotal and effective role in the design and continuous improvement of products by recruiting experienced electronics and mechanics specialists. What is more, this unit, by using domestic production capacities, has had a significant impact on reducing and eliminating the need for imports and has helped to maintain the country’s foreign exchange resources.

Pars Shoa Toos Co. owns a wide range of capacities including SMT lines, vertical and horizontal plastic injection, Die cutting, metalworking and pressing machines, electrostatic painting line, CNC cutting tools, and assembly halls.

The capacities of Pars Shoa Taba (Vala-noor) includes SMT lines, PCB board production, Aluminum Die casting, shot blasting, plastic extrusion, horizontal plastic injection, Die cutting, metalwork and pressing machines, CNC cutting tools, and assembly halls.

Pars Shoa Toos and Pars Shoa Taba companies are separate legal entities, but in terms of quality policy and product guarantee, are completely identical and in accordance with the criteria of Pars Shoa Group.

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